Sunday, 20 September 2009

Over the moon

Because of proof that I am doing something right!
The make-up, the eyes, the grins. All in a days work as a salesman (kinda). Well, the shiny I'm-working-so-am-unusually-outgoing personality certainly helps with everyone, but with the boys, its the smile that seals the deal. Sounds kinda whore-ish doesn't it, out of context.
Steph and Kelly reckon its entertaining, watching me 'do the rounds' (ie serving customers), to the point where I get asked to serve some of the older teenage boys, just so they can watch what happens.
It's just a bit of fun, and it makes the hours go quicker. But, it actually payed off in an accidental way.
And now, I've inadvertently discovered a Mirror in here.

His name is a mirror of others I know, his past is so different to mine, and exterior is chalk and cheese. But talking, I see more and more similarities, so much so it is alarming.
Makes me wonder if it's all just a show to get in my pants. I mean, I don't know the guy personally, or didnt. I wouldn't put it past some guys to try get it wherever they can. And, for the record, guys like that disgust me and its sad for women to give in to being used like that.
But some things make me question this, make me second guess my thoughts. Make me suspect that there is more behind the snake bites and eyebrow piercing, more than the cigarette and wife-beater, than meets the eye.

It's a challenge, and I do so love a challenge.

But this challenge, is irresistable.


  1. Hahaha... I worry about you =]

    But I's sure you'll come out of this swimmingly, you usually do... just so long as the challenge isn't deliberately placed for you... ;)

    And now I've been puzzling and Confucian enough for tonight... I's going to leave blogging til 2moz, the Politics major calls me =]

  2. haha don't worry about me jimmy, i've decided that monogamy is overrated, at least for the moment, and am just having a bit of fun. After talking to said person he seems fairly decent, despite a rough-ish past.... plus i told him about how i have an over-protective friend in the army that isn't afraid to take revenge on people that hurt me. :P ahh i love Winter.
    and as for the deliberatley placed challenge...... we'll see. i suspect not though, it was a rather spontaneous thing. ;)

  3. Touche... well rating is suitably adjusted from "some of it" to "like" =]