Friday, 25 September 2009

new n unproved

it's the same thing every time.
'this time it will be different'
first impressions, first insight, while we are told to look beyond them, are undoubtedly handy. theyre our first alarm system to warn us of unsafe things.
and yet, turn it off, and the world changes around you.
it'll be the same, i think.
maybe not the beginning and the middle, but i know the end will be.
pessimism is so hard to avoid sometimes.
it's the rain on my parade,
excusing the fact that it was pouring throughout one of the best mornings ive had in a long time.
mother objects, sister protests, father is silent in disapproval.
it's an idea.
argh i don't know. a small part of my mind says be wary, but the rest of me is too busy being happy.
is that so wrong?

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