Thursday, 3 September 2009

i should come with a warning label

'Capable of weirding out every male friend made'
How's that sound?
I know some will see this and think bitter or mean things, that I deserve a nastier label and such. Pooh to them.
I write this because I feel guilty of a conversation I just had with a friend I value, that makes me laugh like no one else. And that I just alienated beyond belied with a single reply: 'yes'
To be honest it was a longer answer than that, but it boils down to that.
Interrelationships are so difficult - I forget that I'm the link between brothers, the link between year levels, and that one affects the actions of the other.
To me, they are separate entities, apart from one another. Really, they're interlinked. I don't like it much, but that's life. Everybody has to learn the life lessons, I guess. If you don't, you fail at life.
No, really, you do.
But that's not me preaching, just an observation. To put simply, there are so many levels between people I forget where I am sometimes.

Without sounding like a depressive emo kid, I really should come with a warning label. Its happened with everyone I know so far. Which begs the question: why do I do it? There was a point a few months ago where I stopped trying. By some irony it was when I was with James. I suspect its a mechanism designed to sift the diamonds from the zirconia, so to speak. There have been three diamonds so far, but I think I just turned one upside down.
20 mins

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