Sunday, 13 September 2009

All At Once

Wow, really should be in bed right now. Havn't even been awake for 11 hours yet. That's okay, it's what you;re meant to do when you stay up as late as I do and then spend the next day doing the following:
- running from sink to cabinet with dirty trays
- carrying heavy buckets and trays
- attending to the coffe machine
- spinning at strange angles to serve and get food at the same time
- bending over and stretching constantly.

Sounds like some strange boot camp doesnt it? Or just a soft kid having a whinge.
No, thats just my weekly work duties. its good fun, but a terribly busy 5 hours. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE working there for about 1800 different reasons, but its demanding on a sick little body such as mine. Hehe.
Gives me a good excuse not to do hw on the weekends... and also a motivator to actually WORK during the week.

Well.... I try.
And fail, most nights.


It's week 9
Wow wow wow.....
4 weeks of school left before swotvac. I dunno about any other people reading this that are going thru the SACE system, but I'm in shock.
I was thinking about it the other day driving my siblings and I home from school - this independence..... is what my life will be like in 5 weeks from now.
My parents are testing this out this weekend by going away and leaving me with every one of their usual homely roles ala chaffeur, cook, and maid. WOO... fun.


I really hope they enjoy it though - dad deserves a break. so does mum, for that matter. I just wish that someone could arrive at their work and be capable enough for dad to be able to take some time off. He works himself into the ground to give me and my brother and sister a better life, and mum's talking now, especially since I'm doing year 12 and she was never encouraged by her parents to do it, about how much more opportunity we get from them and such. And I sit there and think... shit, what would life have been like without them?
My nan got a schollarship to university to do with textiles and dress making and design and such, but her parents wouldnt let her go. That made me really angry - what parent has the right to deny their kid a future. I understand that the standards were different back then, but still. Wtf?!
But its all happening now. As scary and sudden and unnerveing as it is. It's here. All at once.

20 mins

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