Saturday, 26 September 2009

Liquorice and gymnastics

It's the unknown.
Black, and swirling liquorice-coloured ink
or is it cloud?
There is no gravity here,
it's hard to tell what what is up
...or down.
But though I cannot see through it,
it is not the threatening gall
of a solid wall:
impenetrable and immovable.
No, this is malleable
and intangible.
Inhaling it tastes like the forest:
cool, damp, decaying bark.
Not unpleasant, surprisingly.
But it's this strange combination of colour,
and smell,
and taste,
that makes me want to leap through the Cloud?
And tumble-roll on the way....
Just because I can.
Because it is likely that the other side is similar to this, where I stand now
I just can't see it.
But, oh, there is one thing different,
just a slight, but all the same crucial difference:
over there,
I'm not alone.

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