Monday, 7 September 2009

num num num - the sound of a toothless baby eating a bikkie.

am currently in the middle, no thats a lie. scrub that.....

am currently more than half way through my legal studies things for the past three weeks. by some stupidity of my own i lef them alllllllll til now, and she wants to see them tomorrow *cry*
but its ok. ive heard so much of this before i dont even really need to look at the book to get my answers XD hooray.

in other news, my apologies if you see many words with a strange number of repeated letters in them in the near future. have decided that this is a good way to emphasise wordssssssssssssssss
though really, it just accents a slight lisp.

in other other news.....
no, there isnt much, only 20 full days of schools left wooooo. *faints* thats freaking scary!!!! its almost here. i'm almost in shock from this, in actual fact. i mean...... we were in year 7 not too long ago. i still remember a pair of round shy brown eyes coming out of a grade 8 homeroom, remember the incredible squash of the inside lockers, the game of dodgeball that you had to play to get to your outside locker without making contact with flying food (serisously, its disgusting over there!).

got sdaturated on the way to school today, then embarrassed myself by trying to dry my pants using the hand dryer, which seems like the logical solution, since i was wearing another set of pants and such underneath (what can i say -- i get cold).... and then having three of my sisters friends/people in her year walk in and go like....... 'wtf'......
o well. i got my pants dry. and my woll jumper XD nice n warm =)=)=)=)

ok i really have to go now, but i shall post again soon.. possibly on friday night when the inanity has come to a lull and i am on some insane ride at the show.
ohhhhh the show. i love that place, i really do. though it seems like i'm going with my sister and dad as everyone else i know is either not going, or has already been. *cry*
whatevs, its gonna be good fun anyway since im gonna drag her onto the twin-flip or something just as mind-bogglingly stupid.


(oh, and the title...... its best if we don't ask why that came out of my mind, i have no rational answer)]

peace out.

10 mins

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