Wednesday, 9 September 2009

concentration camps for people with AIDS

is a disgusting idea.

though, it was a potential truth in the 80's.

i just read that in the book jacket of V for Vendetta and was so horrified i thought i'd put it out there. then again, the mental health, poverty line and non-existent jail rehabilitation also horrify me in that nothing is being effectively done to make it better.
you know that instinct... some people get it to hug another person, in others it comes as a burst of energy for a particular thing. it's passion, a desire to do something great. in me, as useless as i feel because of it, i want things to change. i want to help things get better. i read the editorial about magill youth detention or whatever its called. it made me want to cry because those kids are doomed to a life of crime because noone is there to help them, to truly make a difference to their existence.

it's currently 10.26 pm on wednesday and the next two days are so painful im tempted to pull an all-nighter on tomorrow night jsut to get everything done. stuff sleep, if i can get my work finished then sleep will be sacrificed.

on a much lighter note than those last two paragraphs, we get out school seniors jumpers tomorrow *jumps for joy* - its been 21 weeks since the school year began (thereabouts - don't quote me on that) and only now are we getting them.
its a disgrace. i understand that putting in a new design every year requires some extra time to make it up and such, but the idea that we cant wear them til term 3 anyway is appauling and, frankly, it defeats the puropse. they are there to proudly state 'this is me. this is where i go to school, and i'm going to be a grown up next year'. by term 4 the point is lost.
i feel cheated.
wouldn't you?

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