Monday, 21 September 2009

It's Magical

School flooded.
My brother said he cant remember it raining so torrentially before.
I can. I was in year 6... but even then, it wasn't as bad.
The Quad's surface was MOVING
the creeks overflowed and the water was moving so fast on the road that it went STRAIGHT PAST the gutter drains !
and i fell asleep in maths sitting up,
and i got home and my day got suddenly better with the arrival of an encounter for Monday which i am ecstatic over.
The weather is insane, and my happiness and excitement is insane, as is my tiredness.
Though i sit here and watch Gary Ablett win the Brownlow Medal for 2009.
Its so boring but i always end up watching it every year hahaha.
So bring on the week, because in a week, i will be different, the world will have changed just a little bit, and nothing will ever be the same.........
Just like magic.

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