Thursday, 3 September 2009

Enigma starts and ends with a G

You're an enigma, one that keeps me up later at night than I should be.
I know not who you are, nor where you are from. I know a name. What is a name these days?
$50 will change it officially. It means little.
I know nothing about you other than those glimpses that you reveal to me every so often, existing in separate worlds otherwise.
And yet ... you seem to know me.
Maybe this is because I put my heart and soul into what I share. Maybe you just get the vibes and are good at reading my response. I don't know.
And, if names, if people, are lies, then I want to know the idea, because people die in the name of ideas. They die to defend them.
I do know that somewhere is a person I want to know. A private person that reveals bit by bit, himself on the world wide web, and somehow manages to keep himself, as always, an enigma.

10 mins


  1. I wonder who this was about?
    Ummm... let me think...

    Thanks, it means a lot to know that at least someone appreciates my writing and what I'm trying to do through it.

  2. oi, of COURSE i appreciate it!!

    haha you've made the acquaintance of a literature lover and writer. you
    haha and you comment my posts. instant respect dude. haha
    and my my you're commenting a lot tonight.