Sunday, 23 August 2009

week 6

i'm not going to write for long, i just really wanted to get that post out of the top line of fire.
having said that, it did make me laugh. social dynamics are enough to base a honours thesis on. which may be taken as me being heartless and clinical. oh well.

i made a list for this week, of all the things that are going to happen, school-wise. i almost fainted when i finished, and not from holding my breath. they forgot to tell us that once this time of the year hits we're not allowed to sleep for fear of not completing everything.
in other words, its a bit yucky at the moment.

in other news, this whole job thing is working out great. although having said that it does mean i have no weekend afternoons anymore. i guess i can live without them......... though homework is gonna suffer..... oops.
im not stressing about it too much - its a steady job with decent pay so i'm loving it. not to mention the possibility of so much leftover food well all be fat if i take it to school, which i have every intention of doing, and possibly selling, and then giving money to the magdaline centre or oaktree or something - if theyre not gonna feed the needy with it, then the profits should go there, should they not?
and it might sound insincere (yeah im taking a devils advocate seat here because i dont doubt theres gonna be some unusual comments henceforth)

but week six is here and its snapping its evil jaws at me with unsettling pleasure. bring it on, and someone can sew back the shreads that may be left at the end.

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