Sunday, 16 August 2009

university open days and accidental meetings

university open days today.
all three. at once.
i have a much better idea: have each uni day on a separate day of the weekend! would make life so much easier. as it is, i am more confused than ever. i had, at the beginning of this year, a goal based on what i knew then: i was going to go to adelaide uni and study a Bachelor of Psychology (honours) and then 2 years work experience and then get accredited.
now........ i don't know where i want to go.
all three are legit, andi had my heart set on unisa for a long while after finding out that, when you get down to the nitty gritty, their course is better than adelaides. and NOW i discovered Flinders. good ol flinders that i know nothing about because all the info-things weve had at school, their reps are rather stand-offish.
turns out that they've got the longest standing psych program and are internationally renowned for it. i dont know if the others are - its something i need to follow up on. unfortunatley that now puts me in a pickle - i have 2 places to choose from (adelaides ter is like 99 and lets face it, im not getting straight 19's this year).
though i blame the weather for this - crappy weather = olivia in a crappy mood. sunny/warm weather = livvy in a good mood = more open to everything. argh. i dont know.
can anyone help me work through what course is better at what? the people at the unis are all biased (obviously) and i am the first one in my family to go to uni (my extended family don't count because i never see them) so nobody has any idea about what on earth is going on and what theyre like. ive got my bio teacher recommending flinders, and i can see why now, and ive got everyone saying that adelaide is the best one (but i think thats just elitism - older doesn't = better in my eyes).

any suggestions?

on a lighter note, by freak accident, i ran into my best friend from primary school in one of the lectures (not literally). she's changes a lot, the only reason i recognised her was cause her mum hasnt changed a bit haha. though, i guess i changed a lot since they last saw me too - i wasnt blonde and better proportioned (ie not chubby) seven years ago.
its ironic, cause ive been looking for her for the majority of this year. i guess when you stop looking, the thing you were seeking finds you.
20 mins


  1. Oh, big woop! You don't know which of 3 fairly similar courses 2 choose from! Try not knowing the course, uni or even area of study that u wanna study! lol! U got it easy.

  2. i dont have it easy. unlike you thomas i am at risk of not getting in because my grades arent high enough and idk what i can do to boost them. so knowing what i wanna do means nothing if i can't get there.
    go complain somewhere else.