Sunday, 9 August 2009


And now for an unexpected subject matter, as in the title: boobs.
Yes, i said it.
I will never understand men's fascination with them, or the reason behind the necessity to have 'perfect' ones. What IS perfect, anyway?
I only write this because on Nova919's website right now there's an article about Miranda Kerr (Victorias Secret Angel and deemed one of the hottest bods around... for those that don't know) and how she's been spotted on the beach topless. They've been kind enough to put little starries over her nipples but, lets face it, the damage is done. Now, without sounding like a total creep over this - I was, and still am, looking for a song idk the name of that was on one of their playlists- this came up, and I'm looking at the picture thinking:
1. Poor girl, I bet she's going red over these. It sucks how the media treat people like bits of meat.
2. ...Hang on..... What happened to the perfect chest that lives inside bras worth thousands of dollars?

I'm not criticising her, here, let me make that clear.
I just find it horribly ironic that, take a candid shot, and everyone looks basically the same, just as un-wowing.
Just like guys have that penis-size thing, I think girls have the boob-size thing, and after seeing these photos, I'm firmly of the belief that model's that we base having round, firm..... not going to follow that further..... is total bull. For the entirety of my adolescence I've felt physically inadequate, trying to compete with photos of beautiful women. Fact is, it's impossible to do so. I know models- and I see my sister getting into that industry very soon - and as beautiful as they are, I wouldn't want to be them: there's so much pressure to be what everyone wants, not what you are.
Nobody is perfect, and I like me the way I am, now. We can all turn heads if we play our cards right, perfect body or not. So who gives a flying fig? It's just the media making us feel bad about ourselves again.
To them, I say, 'stuff you!'
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