Friday, 7 August 2009

I've been watching this mini-series on ABC recently. And, so sound kinda like I sold out, I truly recommend any teenager, or any parent with teens, watch these. It's called Whatever! and is all about the way we work internally. There's been three of five so far, on Risk, Binge, Sex, and to go, is Mood and Sleep.
They actually helped me to work out why I feel like I do so much of the time, and these extreme mood changes, from euphoria to angst to depression, make sense. Sadly, it's all linked to love. Love. Love. Love.
Oh well, nothing I can do about the way I work. XD


Just finished watching Step Up.
Without a doubt my favourite movie of all time, it makes me want to dance again, and take proper lessons and everything. the way one can use their body to make such extraordinary things.... is just....... oh.

i'd love to be a dancer. i keep using 'im not buiilt for dancing' as an excuse, wen really i should just book myself into a class and start learning. rarely do i feel that exhilaration from any other activity.
well, ill get off my ass this summer and learn. who knows.... next famous dancer perhaps?

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