Friday, 21 August 2009

Dreams, Lies and The Food Pyramid

I'm currently sitting in front of the telly, listening to the Western Bulldogs and Geelong game. As I have little interest in watching sport on TV, I figured I'd take this lovely opportunity to catch up on some proper writing. Not the updates on personal feelings about the week etc, mind you. Things like.... what I end up contemplating on the bus etc.

Though, first, I wish to begin with the rather unusual realm of dreams. I've been having rather bizarre dreams recently. No, that's a lie - ever since James and I broke up. Not strange as in people/things out of place (ala Brian sitting in an oaktree full of fake cockatoos) but seriously weird shit - killing evil magical women by stabbing them with a pair of fabric scissors, hiding from a whale, then making friends with that same whale. Celebrating a birthday on a jelly bean-shaped tropical island while running from pirates and evil people. Kissing a stranger in a train station who then turns out to be a terrorist that takes you as a hostage on the top of a really tall, rickety house on stilts hundreds of metres high................
Some of them, are easily interpreted. But the others are like...... Wha...???
I find the notion of dream interpretation a valid form of psychological assessment, and am usually pretty good at connecting the theme to the reality. But lately..... I have noooooo idea.

Hannah's 18th in a week. I'm epically excited because 1. it's a party and 2. its a Peter Pan theme dress. To some this sounds lame but for those that know Han, this is perfect. Woooooo.
I reckon I'll go as an Indian (Han's Tigerlily). I really want to go as the cute little Lost Boy in the skunk getup with that huge fluffy tail (refer: Peter Pan cartoon movie XD ) but I think, frankly, I'd look rather contrary to the cute-and-lovable that those kiddies manage. Tinkerbell maybe?
No, Tinkerbell was a spiteful, jealous little fairy. Maybe not..... though she did learn her lesson and help save Pan and the others........
No, no I'm getting too detailed.

Hot weather is like happiness - warm and easygoing and makes everything better.

I think that those that fake assaults, rapes and other equally awful crimes should be jailed merely for making a mockery of a very serious thing. Dad worked a case in the 80's where a woman claimed to be raped in an alleyway behind Woolies one Friday night, relatively early in the partying world. there was public outrage and protests went ahead, called 'take back the night', I believe. He and his partner went there, took photos, and then discovered that the whole allegation was a lie - the woman made it up!
I think that's disgusting.
Kinda like I think that whole Kyle and Jackie O and the girl admitting to a sexual assault when she was 12 on national radio is disgusting.
There are three reasons, two hypotheticals as to why:
1. If this had occurred for real - her mother is a terrible person for putting her on there KNOWING that it had happened and forcing her to undergo national humiliation just for some concert tickets, which they got, by the way.
2. Apparently her relatives were paid by channel 9 to dish up the dirt on the girl, coming out that she is a diagnosed chronic liar or something along those lines, and that she made the whole thing up.
3. Assuming that this was all a hoax..... there is no WAY she would have done this if she knew what rape victims go through, mentally and physically, before, during and after the assualt.

I say bring back the 'take back the night' rallies and obliterate this horrific thing. I know that humanity has too many mental imbalances to actually make this occur, but we can cerainly try.

Apparently the food pyramid was originally made by a cereal company, which explains why it is at the bottom, with the mosst portions. i never understood why we were meant to eat so much, even though there are so many people, myself included, with gluten allergies - the key ingredient that makes it what it is. Then again, I also don't understand why our ancestors ate meat - did chimps cook their meat? how did it not kill them? what possessed them to attack something else and see what it tasted like?? Da says that the most awful, most primitive, human behaviour can be seen in chimps, and he's right - they're the only animal (as far as I am aware) that will gang up on another chimp and/or attack something for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Sound familiar? No? Look at the allied occupation of Afghanistan, and Iraq.
Well wasn't that a wonderfully constructed tangent. Like a rubber band, I'll spring back briefly to the original point: I can see the reason behind being a vegetarian, and even a vegan. I like my bacon and eggs too much to be either of these. Though I could certainly try.....
Haha no.

Ok that's enough opinionated-ness and writing for tonight - it's 9.30 and I'm zonked - serves me right for testing out the Wii Active (which by the way is freaking awesome for those that actually want a work out - not even the WiiFit compares. which is saying something - I love the WiiFit).
So, for tonight, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.
50 mins

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