Wednesday, 26 August 2009

the way you make me feel.

i'm jealous, i'm angry, and it doesnt even matter because he's done and will never read this unless by some miracle he has broken and given into curiosity and is reading on here again.

not that it matters anyhow. jsut feels like it does.
damn you for making me always feel like the worlds problems are all my fault!

in reality it probably won't even affect the rest of my life - different uni, different friends, different life. by some massive irony we'll end up taking the same course and be put into the same tute. argh and it will just go on and on.
it won't. thats just me being dramatic.
he always did bring that out in me. probably cause it was the only guaranteed way to get attention.
jealousy is such a stupid emotion. he's not even mine. who cares if a week ago he was? this is now. and i'm just a tool for school work.


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  1. Gah, stupid Blogger deleted my comment!

    I can't be bothered retyping in full, since you know me, I'm lazy, so here's the gist:

    *dunno bout this post, so wont comment, but good luck

    *with the checking of 'no' boxes, twas lazy and confined to front page. check out later pages, there's no 'no' boxes ticked to be seen, and duly so, since you continue to inspire and intrigue with this blog of yours

    *speaking of later pages, was amused looking back at an April post about how relaxed Art is =P

    *good luck with the work, and again good luck re this post

    I'll catch ya around!