Sunday, 30 August 2009

no title.

you know that feeling that nothing exists outside you and some other person?
where does that go when they do?

i hate being so shy. i guess last night isn't a good judge of it seeing as the majority of people were catching up with each other having not seen them since graduating last year. this is fair enough. and knowing most people by association, or knowing of them via the birthday girl certainly makes things easier.
is there an off switch for shyness? i mean, sure, alcohol certainly helps, but it still exists.
its my #1 worry for next year, meeting people. as i told sam earlier, its hard being told one thing by people outside of school, or everyday life, and then having a polar opposite response by people at school. shame shame shame. i guess it's easier if you know at least two people, that way theres always someone that you can talk to without looking like you're following them around like a lost puppy.

cest la vie.

i'm quickly working out that of work, school and socialising, i can only pick two of at the moment. work takes up the majority of my weekends, from 12 - 5 every day, which i don't mind, it just means i actually have to work hard during the week.
eep. haha say goodbye to procrastnating, i'm ogg to do some biology.

here goes nothing......

Peace out

(oh, n a shout out to Sam for just being a nice guy, and trying to make me smile whenever possible, even if you do enjoy poking fun at me)

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