Monday, 17 August 2009

bring it on

today i snapped.
if im lucky the message will have got across to all.
though in the line of rumour i suspect it will be twisted.
i don't really care, to be honest. there's 9 weeks of school left.
9 weeks to get the best grades i can, and forget about people. not specific people, mind, just humanity in general. such a distraction!
oh well. that's life.
discovered the way i'm gonna work out uni preferences and such, which is exciting, purely because it means there's one less thing to stress about.
i admit, the whole notion of going into a place where youre unlikely to know anyone is, at best, daunting, particularly for a shy child like me.
but... it's like a rebirth, this whole not knowing anyone or anything, uh, thing- a chance at a new start. of course, it's impossible to change ones self totally - and it's just silly to try - but it's thrilling nonetheless.

bring on 2010.

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