Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I've had enough!!

On a lighter note than that last post, am feeling substantially better than before.
woo woo woo.
Brian's gone travelling for a little while, so my evenings are considerably quieter, which is a bitter-sweet thing: I should be getting a lot more work done, but at the same time I miss my buddy.
Oh well, will be back sometime soon I think, so can't complain about that which I cannot change.

Speaking of which, I need to have a gripe. Those that did this today got an earful, and I sincerely hope that it ceases - I don't like yelling unless its necessary, and I hope you all feel ashamed of yourselves.

Where shall I begin?

I guess, with a number: 164.
This is my height, in centimetres. For some obscene reason, this number is not big enough for those around me. Not big enough for me to be exempt from stupid jokes.
I sat on a chair today that was too small, clearly from Kurrajong, and left me sitting with my collarbone near the surface of the desk. Not comfortable to be typing from, I can tell you. It was a bit of a shock falling further into the chair than was intended, and a comment was made that it was just my height. I laughed, let it go, and turned back to my seat once replacing it. Then another followed, and another, and another. I freely admit that I make the jokes sometimes about myself if appropriate- if you can't laugh at yourself, you're too serious. But there is a line, and it seems to me that this is just another way to put Olivia down. Just another way to make 'me' (whoever 'me' is at the time) feel a little more superior. NOBODY making those jokes needs to feel more superior - it's irritating enough as it is. What am I to you? A threat? Phht pull the other one please, go on.

I felt like screaming at the six or so in the joke that they are free to pick on something I can change, but not things i cant, because there are PLEANTY of things I could make a joke at about their physical appearence, if I bothered to sit down and think about it, but I don't, because I know its not nice to make jokes about things that people cannot change about themselves (and plastic surgery is obscene and disgusting and doesn't count as a way to change).

I do NOT like being an arm rest.
I find it humiliating to be down-graded because I'm a few cm shorter than others. And I need to emphasise that for some, this gap is less than 2 cm. Their egos are just about 50 million times bigger than mine.

And, as people have learned about making jokes about where I live, (Tom), from now on, anyone that makes a joke about how short I am, which I am NOT, they're in serious trouble. I've dealt with it since I was 13 and I will cop it no longer. I would like to politely remind some of said people that I know read this, that I was TALLER than most of you at one point. So, if you know what is good for you... in two simple words:

Shut. Up.

30 minutes


  1. haha. looks like some of them need to learn how to measure. for the others, just punch them in the face. lol

  2. Well, mentally I would, but its bad karma. I think an explosive temper works rather well as a substitute, though.