Friday, 1 August 2008

the smile

brown orbs, sprinkled with green
sparkle with the amusement of
and are surrounded by white
which pinches at either end,
creating creases
as apples of flesh form suddenly underneath,
caused by the sudden revealing
of bright white.
some sharp, others multi-faceted,
gentle pink surrounds the white at their tops.
stained red pull curves around the white and pink:
an organic frame.
With an opening of the white,
music bubbles out,
sweet on the ear
and warming to the heart.
ropes of rich brown
fall over the orbs
as the pink shakes slightly,
in time with the music.
the orbs disappear, covered with softness
curved black extends from the softness.
the orbs and white reappear
the music subsides
and the red frame closes,
hiding the white once more.

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