Friday, 8 August 2008

Expansion 1.1

For my two or so regular readers, this is to explain a previous post, 'This List' (27/7/08).

Okay. a few weeks ago, i wrote a paragraph of phrases that had meaning to me.... this post is gonna explain some of them. its a long list when its explined, so i've split it up into several posts.

Dirt. i love the earthy smell, the rich colour and the way it sticks to my hands when im gardening.
apples. i love apples and their crunch and the way i almost chocked on an apple skin once and how the green ones taste like toffee apples ( 0.^ funny that. lol)
canvas. i love the colour and texture; its the medium of my first ever major art piece.
. i picked cherries for 2 weeks ad a teachers cherry farm in the summer. the pay wasn't so good, but it was a great time, and the weather was great an i got about 30 kg of free cherries
summer. - self explanatory.
skis. my preferred method of transport on the snow .... i love skiing and the utter tessor it gives me sometimes
Centre on court
. the position i play for my school netball team
Pine tree roots and storm water drains. when i was at primary school, my friends and i became little engineers during breaks, making dams with mud, sticks and the pine tree roots that twisted over the creek that lead into a storm water drain.
Sheet Music. the music that i first learned the piano with... scales look so beautiful on it.
Crystal star. it hangs in our dining room window and casts rainbows over everything in the afternoon sunshine
nightmares. a common occ
the letter 'O'. pretty self explanatory, my name starts with O.... and it makes a perfectly round shape - everything that has come will come again.
6km. the distance of my running circuit
. makes me feel alive when im gasping for air after running 13 laps of the local oval
honesty. the most important thing in any kind of relationship; it has ruined... and saved... some of my closest relationships.
yellow grass.
Garbage bins full of water. when i was younger, my friend and i noticed the amount of water flooding into her yard from her gutters, so we draged enormous plastic bins to all the places where they leaked, and collected the water.... what we were going to do with it afterwards, we had no idea, but we figured that since we're in a drought, it was important that we save water.... we spent days out there in the rain on this project, it was great fun.
Gutter dam. when i was about 10, my friend and i were watching the water run down the gutter in our street. since our street has 3 hills on it, we decided to see if we could stop the water flow. we grabbed some rocks and clay/dirt and headed for the middle hill. until last year, that little mud-made structure was still right where we had made it - over 5 YEARS later! i loved making things as a kid.

Olivia xx

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