Thursday, 1 January 2009

My Lion

He's like a lion, confident, loud, stretching out on his throne.
She knows he is the dominant one, that she would have no hope of escaping if she struggled against him. But she doesn't mind, because there is a majesty about him, an air of leadership, strength, that draws her to him like pollen calls the bees. She is not a captive, but a willing observer.
Like the ordinary feline, he is stealthy, cunning. Unlike others, though, he is kind and unusual in mannerisms. The Carnal Desire ever present, he is not afraid to display it when the opportunity is optimal. Vicious on the hunt; and in punishment unlike any carnivore - they are not physical wounds, only deathly silence or disappointment, which are more painful than any cut or scrape or bruise.
He is an unusual lion to her, unique in her experience with personalities. He is boisterous and rude, but incredibly caring and full of loyalty. They don't associate lions with loyalty for nothing.
And throughout all of this, though he is only a friend, he is a lion.

My Lion.
10 mins

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