Wednesday, 31 December 2008

random observations

Happy New Year.

I've heard it sooooo many times that sometimes its hard to actually believe it. But it's only now that i actually thought about what it means: they're wishing that you have a good year. its such a shame that its become cliched - because if someone really means it, that can be quite a profound thing.
I guess it's hard, in this day and age, to think about the simple things, how they may actually be able to make a difference to one's life. fact of the matter is: they actually can.
Seeing someone smile over something you've done for them, knowing that they appreciate it.
Watching the wind blow a gale through the trees while you're inside, nice and warm.
Having someone hug you when you're feeling down.
its the last one that makes me think the most: why is physical contact with another human being so important? i don't really think it should be, but then again, I'm one of the bunnies in this world that loves hugs. i guess, a part of it is being able to be close to someone, it reassures you. like, when you were scared or anxious as a child, you would go to a mother or father for reassurance, and they would almost always take you up into a cuddle and tell you its ok. maybe that's just me. i don't know. my parents, for the first few years of my life, would cuddle me to sleep. i was a total nightmare to put to bed after this though: I'd just lay or sit in bed as a chatty 2 year old, conversing with myself for hours, but as soon as someone came into my room and sat down, even on the other side of the room and didn't say a thing, i was out like a light within minutes. it's a habit that's gone on since i was born, and sometimes is a problem - i don't have anyone that i could just have their arm around me for thirty minutes or so when I'm feeling down. friends are great, but they're not the same. the emotional closeness of a partner is never quite the same as a friends.
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