Monday, 1 December 2008

Author's Thoughts

Maybe it's a bad idea that I be writing on here, for the world to see: it gives the people I know an insight into my mind that, to be honest, is sometimes irritating. Especially when I receive knowledge of a scathing opinion of how I run my life, when I'm trying to sleep.
Maybe I should just write on a private blog that most people can't see. Then only me and the few selected readers would be able to read what I think. but then again, I know others who like to read what I have to say (saz, christian, jim).
So I'm in a bit of a pickle.
Well, I can't block certain people from reading it: it's all or none. I pick none. I like random people, for the most part, reading what I have to say, and thats how its going to be.

I guess I started this believing that what I had to say might make some difference to someone I don't even know. Well, its certainly influenced my relationships here, and it's made me other friends.
I like having friends. There's not much more to say about it.

So, carry on my dear fellow, sprouting your philosophical nonsense to the world. Who knows: someone might actually listen.
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  1. I feel like this a lot about my blogging. Which is why I stop from time to time. But I'm addicted.

    I like reading your posts because I can relate sometimes and that does make a difference. :] It's good to know I'm not the only one.