Friday, 28 November 2008

off the rails, much?

well, schools over
have awards on Tuesday, and big day in on Wednesday next week, but other than that.... no homework, no tests, no damned art exams!!!!!
now i have enough time to clean my room, go running, and write. yay.
happy days are coming, my friends, and i think they are almost upon us.
and now for the philosophy which i am writing this for:

attention please, to this amazingly important note from the very centre of my being:


the end.

7 minutes


  1. Good to see another Adelaidean!
    You were at the Flashmob?

    I didn't get to go. :(

  2. Oh well, you're in Adelaide, and you were talking about bubbles. Today's Flashmob apparently involved blowing bubbles. :)
    I found you by someone who was following your blog. I've been surfing around today on blogger.

  3. Christian John Paul Bishop30 November 2008 at 14:27

    congrats Olivia ^^