Saturday, 8 November 2008


How do I know if its real?
It's just words on a screen
It's just words.
Words aren't real.
Seeing is real, but does nothing to help belief.
Touching does help, if only to confirm that reality exists there.
So does smelling and tasting
But they go into the 'not regular conversation starters' bin.
Belief exists only when you can exist with them in the same place.
Get inside their head, really know them.
I don't know him.
I don't know me.

I try.
I fail.
False declarations. False words.
True anger. True hurt.
For all the words, both typed and said, I cannot know the truth.
I cannot commit.
I cannot believe.
Not while I know that all this....
This that I cherish, that I love, that I want to last forever....

Could all just be a lie.

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