Saturday, 22 November 2008


well, today dawns a new day.
and a rainy one at that!
my hands smell because i opened 4-day-old, unrefrigerated yoghurt. X . x
if yoghurt is fermented milk, then what's fermented yoghurt?!
well, whatever it is, i made it. its gross. and currently down the sink. sucks to be a drain alligator right now.

in any case, that wasnt why i began writing this, though i thought it was a fantastic topic to begin with.
i'm doing Duke of Ed. (not the absence of the word 'the' in there)
meaning that i have to participate in 12 months each of community service (softball coaching), physical recreation (playing softball and netball) and a skill (writing). plus two 5 day trips into the wilderness, plus a 'residential project' (but that was sorted out by me going to japan).

since writing is my skill part, and this is where i write, its really hard to gauge just how long i spend on these posts. i know how many, and when, but thats not too much help. i have to take an educated quess for the ones ive already written, but from now on, ther will be a time stamp in the bottom right hand of my post, just to remind myself what actually goes on and for how long. right now, ive been writing solidly for 6 whole minutes. wow!
just as well ive already done 6 months out of 12.
only 6 left. good grief.

10 minutes

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  1. Femented yoghurt, now that's amusing, lol. ewww. :P

    By the way, thanks for that nice comment that had the helpful advice about remembering good things gone by. Highly appreciated. :)