Saturday, 27 December 2008

Night Rain

So it rained last night.
Wow. Whoopee. Who cares?

The difference was...
It was a thunder storm!!!

It woke me up at exaxtly 12:15 earlier this morning, which, ironically, was exactly the same time I got a text from Tom.
And the charger for my gorgeous new laptop was in and turned on, so there was a pale blue light cast over my bedroom - it was strangely comforting ... I'm now seriously considering getting a night light... I just lay there, texting Tom for like an hour and a half, listening to the thunder and rain in my alien blue light. It was great.
I should have known it was going to bucket down - it was bright orange outside during the last stage of sun down. Everything was orange and pink - weird!
It's times like this that I love holidays - if thaat had been during the school term I would have been really really annoyed at the thunder for waking me up and tried to get back to sleep straight away for fear of losing precious sleep.
But now, you can hear, smell and see the effects of last night's deluge - there are birds, frogs and insects all chirrping away in my garden and everything looks greener in the morning sun. The air is cooler, but still humid, just like it is in Queensland afer a downpour. I love my home.

So I just though I would post that, and pose the question:
Did anyone else in Adelaide get the thunderstorm, or was it just in the A.Hills?

25 mins

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