Tuesday, 9 December 2008

year 12

It's here. I don't like it. There's something undoubtedly cool about it - being the oldest kids at school, having the most power (there's a superiority complex waiting to happen, right there) and having the teachers there for everything. It's like in movies when there's someone really good, and they have a white light cast down upon them, and the angelic music.... well... that's year 12.
But the light is fading and the fact I regularly converse with the younger kids isn't inspiring me with much confidence of the "I-am-a-12 - do-my-almighty-bidding" thing working......
Oh well.....

More to the point... HOLY COW IN A TOGA, it's here already?
I remember year 9, it was 3 years ago, to state the bleeding obvious, and I was having a total panic attack about year 10 - I wasn't ready to be a big person.

I'm still not

But I am.
Though, not like I thought I'd be... I'm quite content being me, the good, the bad, and the immature. The beauty of this now is that people start listening to what you say..... well... everyone but the people that really know you, that is. I'm looking forward to that...

It's going to be hard, or so everyone says. I'm going to have to make more sacrifices now than ever before.
Haha I reckon that if I deleted MSN and kept a tidy desk, my marks would sky-rocket.
Well... I'm not deleting MSN - it's my only method of communication to some people.
Well, we'll see maybe I'll misplace it for a while, see how it goes.... But regardless of that, I can't really appreciate the sheer task ahead of me. I'll just have to take a leap into the unknown, and trust my teachers to hold the light that I follow faithfully to guide me to safety.....
I don't like having to depend on people so much.

Oh well. Maybe just this once..... who knows, maybe, just maybe... I'll come out the other end smiling.

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