Thursday, 22 January 2009


i don't have any particular reason for writing tonight, but the discovery of a new friend lead me to this.
meeting new people, for the most part, increases my awareness of the nasty side of life. it causes me to lose faith in humanity. for all the horrible things that have happened, have been caused by us. though it all balances out, because while ther are some truly terrible people out there, there are also some inherently good ones too.
well, on this particular occasion, my faith in humanity has been lifted. i always believed that it was in the past eras that people sat down and discussed ideals, beliefs, hell, its all philosophy. but now, i get to be a part of it all. which figures, since that seems to be the primary focus of university on their side, from what i can gather.
every conversation, i learn something new. tonight i learned more about religion, the divine hierachy to be more precise. and sleep paralysis. that was the most interesting - anything to do with the body or mind and i instantly prick up my ears, it totally facinates me.
but yeah.
meeting new people amazes me - lets me in on what the world's like. some people are straight up and down in the way they conduct themselves. theyre the best ones i reckon. others are a little bendy. im a bendy one. and then theres the ones who went off the rails forever ago. im not a fan of them much. but hey, its their life, not mine. im not going to lecture, nor preach. as much as i like doing so. i realise that it isn't my place to do so. not yet, anyway. i'll never become a church leader, but maybe if i end up where i want to be, people will listen to the things i say. but thats for another day. i leave you now, with just a portion of the muddle that is my current mental state.


Olivia. The Monkey.

30 mins

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