Sunday, 4 January 2009

doing the splits

i'm a game player.
not with boards, cards or even videos or consoles.
only with my words.
i am a magician.
able to make my feelings disappear in an instant if they are not glued to someone on totality.

i was broken once. a little boy was playing with figurines, and dropped me by accident.
i guess i broke a little more than i thought.

my friend has a quote on his msn right now. it's been there for ages:
"Life has been less then kind take a number stand in line We've all been sorry we've all be hurt how we survive makes us who we are"
i forget what band sings it. it was a good song anyway.

it made me think just now.... what if we dont survive though? we live in a world of broken people. noone stays innocent from life for long. there are those who lose their life to their struggles. but still, there are millions more who go through life wondering how on earth they wound up like this.

to them, broken words are beautiful. to the healthy, they seem repetitive and useless.
which one am i?
i don't know anymore.

who am i?
i am dr jekyll and mr hyde.
i love being the doctor. i hate hyde
give me a personality split any time. im this close to it anyway ><
i shoudn't be writing now. im in the mr hyde side atm.
jasmine's in full force.
watch out is a warning to everyone i know, and to myself.

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