Friday, 2 January 2009

Future heroes.

I've been writing for over an hour already. So I'm pretty worn out, emotionally. and its only 10.30. geez, what a fun start to the day.
well, this isn't a post about the past year. though i should probably do one of those, 08 changed me. simple as that, i ought to give it at lease a little credit in the form of a post from the very core of my being.

on a totally opposite pole, i wanted, actually, to talk about the future.
so much emphasis is put onto year 12 as the defining year of our lives. the sad fact is: they mislead us with that statement. turns out that you can redo sace stage 2 (year 12) up to three times, if you really want to. you also have the option of deferring any uni courses for a year. or, you can keep the same ter and use it in the following year's admittance. so, in other words, you have three chances at year 12 and two chances at uni. and that has nothing to do with possible overseas moves, tafe courses or apprenticeships.
so, really, why do they tell us that this is the all-defining year? so that we work out hardest so that the extra bazillion chances are not needed.
now that I've got that off my chest, i have every intention of pondering my own future.
i want to travel, i know that. i want to see the world. though, i thinking that I'll do that after I've been to uni - everyone, rather, everyone of influence upon my life, seems to think that if i stop for a year, I'll never get started again.
wow. thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.
well, i guess I'll just have to prove myself to them then, wont i?

i know what i want to study at uni. both courses. its just a shame you cant do a double degree in psychology and teaching. I'd love to be a teacher. it seems like the most trying job - you have to be a parent without actually being one. you can only scold or praise so much. you have to nurtre and dicipline at the same time. it can't be easy. specially not with some of the ratbags attending school. i think i'd be a good teacher. i hope i would be, anyway.
i guess, i have a hidden desire to be great. not just good, or helpful or efficient. great. a pioneer in something. i've seen the remakes of some of the most influenceal people in the helping and teaching industries. i cant even name some of them, i know them by their actioans though. Hunter 'patch' adams. Ron Clark. Erin Gruwell. Pierre Dulaine. They all had unusual methods, all made amazing differences. I have been asked many times 'who is your hero?' and i never had ana answer. now, i finally realise, i had one all along: these people. the first three in particular (im afraid i do not feel the same amount of passion for dancing as i do for the actual art of teaching). these are my heroes, they that i look up to, that i want to be like whtn i grow up. what's wrong with being a dreamer if your dream is to improve the quality of other's lives exponentionally?
so.. yeah, bit of a tangent there. and i'm losing focus now. so i guess ill stop and continue this later. at which time i'll fix up the grammar too.
Until next time,
Olivia, the dreamer.
40 minutes

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