Thursday, 29 January 2009

heating and flags

so, yet again, the crossroads analogy comes into play here.
though in this case its not so much a cross roads as me flying full speed at a rope suspended over a calm river, hoping that ill catch it and fling myself into the centre, where i wont get hurt, only submerged in the cool water, where the view is alien to me, yet facinating all the same.

bringing life to a page,
bringing a smile to a face.
new faces, new names
same old work
same old life.

and that was my contribution to contemporary poetry that brian loathes so much :) lol don'tcha just love me?

well, i have a lot to write, and no energy to do so. its this heat. its FINALLY getting to me. as a rule, i love the ehat and think that the cold can go warm up its toes in hell. but so far its been upwards of 42 every day this week. i drank aobut 3L yesterday. im turning into a little water treatment facility.
well, went to goolwa on australia day. for the first time in forever i am actually feeling patriotic. i mean, i love australia and i know jsut how lucky i am that i live here, but ive never had the inclination to yodel it from the rooftops. until now. but thet;s more of a desire to go and sunbake on the roof with my friends.
speaking of rooves, ours ws 70C the other day in the sun. ouch. sucks to be a tiler right now. the beauty of it is that its cooler here in the hills than it is on the adelaide plains.

well, i have a long post about lollypops in my head that ill do later.
until then,

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