Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Week in Review

First off, apologies for not writing nearly as frequently as I normally do. This lack of writing is for several reasons, the first of which is below.....

Some select artworks from the Musee d'Orsee (spelling?) are travelling around the world to various locations, to show the people of the world some of the most famous art ever. I went to see it. In Canberra - hence the no writing. Wasn't coming to Adelaide, so had to go there. Indeed, I hear that people are coming from all over the country, and even from other countries, to see it there. The lines to get in were epic, and it was totally packed, but it was so worth it!
Being able to see some of the paintings I've read about, researched, written essays on, was surreal. You read about something enough and it begins to sound like fiction- it doesn't exist.
The brush strokes on Van Gogh's Starry Night were so thick you could actually see the lights reflecting off every individual one.


So, had a look at that exhibition, then went around the rest of the gallery, seeing things from Andy Warhol, Sydney Nolan, Max Beckman, Ernst Kirchner, George Grosz, Otto Dix, among others. I just remember those because of the surge of excitement in realising that I could read, inderpret and then explain things about these, and about the art movements.
Ahhhh I love Visual Arts Studies. So much.

Was, yet again, mistaken as being the youngest sibling. God that shits me off. I'm almost 18 for fucks sake, and people think my sister is in 2nd year Uni.
*ripped off*


Handed in my first ever uni assignments this week. I'm hoping theyre okay, mainly because it got to the point on Wednesday night (remembering that I was waking up to go the the airport at 4.45 in the morning) and I was beyond exhaustion, couldn't concentrate and as getting really narky at anyone who asked accusingly if I'd finished my assignment yet?

I hadn't.

So it came to 10.15 and i was buggered. managed to half yell at matt over msn because he was trying to offer solutions to make it easier, which I didn't want. Felt bad for that. But no harm done I dont think, so all good :)

Went ice skating last night, was great fun, I forgot how much I missed it. Need to go more often.

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