Thursday, 1 April 2010

New, and old, and hurry up.

So. I had a haircut. Finally.
It's not what I was expecting - its a lot more subtle. That's okay, I'll go more wow next time: my hairdresser and I decided it would be best on the parents not to go too crazy just yet. But, there's purple in it. I'm excited. Hope people like it - I've not gone this colour before.

My uni week is finished, my last assignment handed in, even despite not living at home last night or the night before. Have now proven that I can work away from home :) :)


So, its a time to kick into gear, i think. I know 5 weeks in is a bit late to do this, but i need to - theres so much information, i fear i may explode if i don't. =\

Nevertheless, am resoundingly happy at the moment.
Much love to matt for making yesterday and today spectacular. <3

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