Thursday, 8 April 2010

Farewell to my day.

im not really sure where to start.
im sick of these being blogs about what ive been up to - theyre so lazy! nobody really cares all that much about whats happening in the Life of Liv, and lets face it, my philosophical thinkings were much more interesting.
on this note, this shall be my last post based souley on daily events. farewell to thee.

........ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways...

saw How to Train Your Dragon with Matt today. Beautiful movie - i love animations, and the dragon looks so much like my dog its ridiculous.

Meet Gus. Isn't he adorable? He's a little Staffy, and I've never met a dog who appears so stupid, but knows how to use sheer cuteness to his advantage so well.

: )

And have decided that Sazon, a little cafe in Mt Barker, is my #1 place to go, purely because everything I've had there is *AMAZING*

truly is lovely. suspect it's going to be the location of many a memory with my boyfriend, purely because its just..... ahhhhh. And so is he.
Possibly falling in love with him......just a little bit.
: )

Goes away for 10 days in ..... 7 hours. I'm a little bit sad. But, ever the optimist, I know he's back soon. I just need to stay busy :)

On another note..... had a car accident today on the way to the movies. All is okay - car needs a bit of fixing up, and the age premium is going to fucking kill me (after MONTHS of hard work, im now back at square 1 for how much I owe for the car)
But. still. even if it was roadworthy..... i wouldn't be driving anywhere. im too shaken, more by the terror that i was going to roll my car, even after i'd stopped spinning.
I'm not gonna forget that squeal of my tyres, combined with the scream coming from myself. I dont deal well with conflict and stress. This was like, 2 steps below total breakdown. Add people, or serious damage, and you'd have me there.

I'm never, ever, repeating that experience.

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