Thursday, 22 April 2010

not good enough

i block you out with soundwaves of another nature.
so tired of being just another day in this broken world.
i'm trying to block you out.
out of sight, out of mind.
but i hear you, and it grates against my eardrum, my anger flaring.
the song changes. it's not loud enough.
new song.
louder song.
faster beat, stronger words.
drown you out.


no more noise, none to remind me of what i should be doing. that i'm not perfect.
that i'm not good enough.
i can't hear you anymore. but when will it begin again?
tomorrow, or the next day?
one day you'll wake up and realise that i'm gone for good, and then you'll be the one with tears in your eyes,
all because i'm not good enough

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