Saturday, 10 April 2010

Winter's coming.

Winter is coming -what with being in the southern hemisphere and all - everyone can feel it here now. Expecially me.

I'm not sure why I am so opposed to the entire season, what with the cold, the rain, the wind, the grey skies and general lack of sunshine all together, and even when it DOES peep out from behind the blanket of misery that is rain clouds, it's weak and watery, like someone left the water running into the cordial jug too long.
Can't think of a single reason..................

In fact, it is this last little bit as to why I hate winter: no sunshine. Not like in summer, when ten minutes out in full sunlight can make one's skin a pleasant shade of lobster. Where the heat reaches to your core, warming you up from the outside in at a rather fast pace.
I can deal with rain - in fact, I rather like it on the odd occasion - especially when it absolutely pours, and the sheets are so dense you can't see 30m in front of you. Not good for driving in, but still great nonetheless.

And then there's the gutter drain beside my window - it gets blocked and it sounds as though someone's taking a much-needed leak, standing on my roof. So up I go, in my dad's bright yellow raincoat, hood up against the rain, up a ladder and poke around, hoping I haven't broken something by shoving a broom handle into a place I am too short to see (yes, ladies and gentlemen - even on a ladder I have height issues.)

And the thunder storms - more characteristic of spring, but boy do we have some beauties every now and again. It's almost like hearing the really BIG waves crashing on the beach....... from underwater. It's surreal.

I can deal with rain. I just love my sunshine. And the lack of body fat (although a relatively high percentage apparently this is not enough) means I feel the cold when its anything below 21C. Cue thermal shirts and pants. At least nowadays I'm not being kicked outside into such weather at 2 hour intervals for food. Worst aspect of school right there, I think.

Nevertheless, there really is nothing like sitting in an arm chair, or beanbag in my case, staring out the window from under a quilt, hot chocolate in hand and book on lap, watching little drops plink across leaves, and split into littler droplets, only to repeat this again, and make everything resoundingly covered in water, while the fireplace crackles behind me, leaving a warmth on my back, and a smile on my face, at the sheer joy of not being outside.

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  1. I love winter because it holds my birthday, the smell of rain, winter clothes and hot chocolate. I love summer because it has that magical SOMETHING that winter just can't compete with, all the same...