Sunday, 7 March 2010

Not much, and then some?

So, it seems i have a new follower. this made me rather excited, almost in the same way that the smell of bacon does - someone's just cooked brekkie and my mouth and stomach are threatening to mutiny just to get at it.
i'm not a HUGE fan of meat, but bacon is the exception.
followers. yes.
welcome :) :)

in other news.....

went to a friend's with April yesterday. I'm not sure what it was, but even without vodka I was in a ridiculously excitable mood, and EVERYTHING was funny. See - I don't need alcohol to be loud and bubbly. Just something to look forward to. This friend of mine is rather fantastic, I reckon he thinks I'm a bit weir, because I don't seem to have a filter on my mouth when I'm around him (this could prove to be a  problem later on, as he is rather attractive and I let him know this on a regular basis.) but it was all in good fun :)

Australian Pizza House is rather fabulous, specially the bacon pizza. :D

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