Sunday, 21 March 2010

just an observation

work is, i swear, a meeting point for unusual people. they're not bad, i maintain this rather strongly, but they're...... unusual.

take the man who came in today, for instance. his name is ted or tony, i think.
he's a boxer, magician, artist and security guard. he brought a painting in that was in his boot. i wont lie, it was beautiful, but he was very adamant on showing it off to people that came in.

why is it that older people talk talk talk, but nobody else does?

also.... people get to titchy when i shake my head at them, refusing to let them in or serve them, when my 'closed' sign is up. WHY?! seriously, its not like im going to go out of my way, and make me late, when i'm halfway through packing away the fridge they want to purchase from.


and 'what time do you close'
god, id like to reply with 'its on the door youve just walked through, go look yourself'

ahhh people are brilliant


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