Monday, 8 March 2010

"Monday, syndicate me, its everyone the same"


i'm not sure where to begin.

lets start with the thing most on my mind (mind you its a very close call, there):
i have a LOT to do re uni and i'm not entirely sure what it is i need to do. i'm too unorganised. so, this is what i shall be doing once I have posted. 4 folders, many, many pages reading, all for tomorrow. It'll be a case of get up early tomorrow, print everything off at the office, and then read read read. thankfully its lectures, so noone's going to know how slack I've been..... That's for Wednesday.
Note to self: use Thursday and Friday for school work because you sure as hell don't do it in the evenings!

Now, onto more interesting topics, for me, anyway: after voicing a change of heart, Matt asked me out last night, and I am over the moon right now!!! My reasoning: you don't give up someone that makes you happy.
Began a star Trek marathon there, gave up on it, retired to bed and went home. All in all a rather fantastic night. One thing I notice more than anything is the fact that their family is so much more laid back about everything. Shall endeavour to recreate this a little more at home. This means not being in my room so much. *grumbles* Ah well, shall try.

It's raining yet again. This shall be the third day in a row that I drive 500m to work. Wow I feel lazy.


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