Sunday, 14 March 2010

blank skyshow among a maze of back roads

still dealing with a rather large loss of respect. it took me that long to work out what it is, its not really happened before.

last nights intention: to go pick up jay, drive to mt lofty, watch the skyshow (and see matt ^^) and then take her home, go home.
what actually happened:
asked imi if she wanted to come. she took forever, so we left late even though i managed to cook dinner, which would have been better if it had been hot when eaten. *grumbles*
we got lost. imogen can read a map, i admit this, but ..... she takes so long that by the time she finds the spot i want her to, we've passed it by about 6 kilometres. not helpful. especially since we got lost 4 times on the way to jays, were late by miles and MISSED the show.
add to that the fact that matt was clever enough to tell us he was at a totally different place (10 min down freeway) the wrong place...... but they came to where we were, just to see me..... that made me feel kinda bad, but that was their choice ..... something tells me that sooner or later they'll be my crew as well as matt's, from the way he refers to them. : )
anyway..... despite the fact that i hate getting lost, especially at night, when i'm relying on someone that's disappointing me..... it was a rather good night. i've missed jay heaps, and it seems that her and imi get along ridiculously well. *facepalm* #

after being referred to as a title last night (yes, i am a pro at eavesdropping), ive noticed that i dont do that..... refer to people as what they are, rather than who. i think its because i figure there are hundreds of a particular kind of person out there, but there's only one of them, so they deserve to be spoken of via name. admittedly, i understand the reasoning behind not using them - it makes things simpler, easier, but i never was one for simplicity :)

#please note here that i typed *faceplant* and then read it, and had to change. fml.

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