Sunday, 14 March 2010

If you know where we're going, kindly tell me?

My life flies by so quickly these days:
Monday, uni at 2, Tuesday, Wednesday, uni all day, Thursday, softball training, homework. Friday – wild card day. Saturday, Sunday, work 12 – 5. And repeat.
Again and again.

The sky is steel, and the trees are lighting up like beacons against it, the last rays of sun setting them bright.
I’m going on a walk with Matt once dinner is finally ready, and I can smell it right now, roasting away in the oven. If it wasn’t for work, my tummy would be roaring right now… it’s the recoil from working around food all day – the smell makes me not-hungry for at least an hour after. Mind you, typing this has made this subside somewhat. Yay :)
Anyway….. the walk…. Thinking of taking Rani. This means borrowing a car, because I’m not game to try fitting a Rhodesian Ridgeback into a Mazda 3 sedan. I’ve, no lie, forgotten how to drive an auto. I keep freaking out because the car doesn’t move of its own accord or roll or ANYTHING…. And there’s no third pedal. I mean…. At first, the idea seemed weird… now, I can’t work without it.

Much like so many other things in life, I suppose.

There was a hole heap of cars parked by a laneway on the walk home from work today, all young, in their 20’s at the most, many of them P’s. I thought, ‘someone’s having a party then, hey’ as I walked behind three such lads and their skater shoes and baggy jeans.
**on this note – that is SO not a good look, like, seriously! They look like kids that have been stretched by proportion.**
But, it got me thinking – I need to sort out my OWN party, where, when, who. Ideally, I’d love to have a house party but this is unlikely as, fact is, only the truly loyal make the trip from all over the metro suburbs into the hills, and let’s face it, there’s not that many of them. So…. looking at a place in town, dinner, whatever, then into town (this last part mum knows nothing about …. Yet…)

It’s funny how I know so many people born in august/September…. And, of all months…. MAY. Wtf? What was 9 months previously? I know September creates new years’ babies, and October produces the Valentines kids…. But may…… seriously…. *counts backwards* … wtf is in august that makes people get it on?! The cold, maybe? I dunno…. If anyone has an answer to this, or even a vague guesstimation, I would love to know.


It’s the second week of march. Is anyone else wondering where the HELL the year is going?
Into history, that’s where, so live every day like it will never come again, because….


it won’t.

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