Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Refresher for a new start... among other things.

I haven't blogged in a little while, considering the busy busy goings-on around here.

1.     Soundwave was spectacular, it was too hot and I got sick from lack of food (though didn't figure this out 'til I got home at midnight), but the bands.... oh the bands.... Paramore, Anti Flag, HIM, AFI, A Day To Remember, Escape The Fate, All Time Low, You Me At Six, Taking Back Sunday, Alexisonfire (not my choice), Motion City Soundtrack........ ahhhhh it was good. And I'll never see some of them again. so, a day well spent with Daniel. I was kinda surprised about how easy it was, considering how drained I've been in past times after seeing him for an hour, let alone 12 straight. He's got me onto Ted's. This could be because it was the coldest mouthful of anything I'd had all day, or because it was actually nice, but yes, if I have to have a beer, that is my one of choice from now on :) Not just that, but it was fun, mucking around, chasing each other despite the heat, being in the mosh pit........ being saved from the mosh by a pair of particularly strong arms (thank you god for that one. =P )... note to short people - always make sure you go moshing with someone that is either strong, tall, or both. Preferably both. Ahhh I miss that kid.

2.    Started Uni yesterday, it wasn't that big a fuss, just like being in a group talk at school - everyone had their own chairs, and notes, and watched a slideshow for an hour and a half. Met Alissa and some of her friends there again (though I do think I need to find some of my own, too. This is what tutes are for ^^ )They let us out early, which was nice, which meant I could move to point number three for an extra half hour. The drive there is going to give me the shits eventually, but it's an interesting drive, but the rush our of the carparks onto St Bernards Rd is not fun.... I think from now on I'm going to go on a detour and straight onto Magill Rd ..... would save 10 min of waiting at traffic lights and behind busses. And as for next semester, when I have Human Anatomy 2A in the city......... methinks parking in Magill and taking a bus is the most sensible idea. Anyway......

3.     Been spending an unusual amount of time with Matt. I don't mind it, I'm just careful not to make the same mistakes of the past like, *cough* falling asleep on the couch and then getting a call at midnight demanding to know why I'm not at home when it's a 15 min drive between the two. I've missed cuddles more than anything, I realised. I mean, I'm not a touchy feely person by nature, I'm rather stingy with giving any kind of affection, actually... but..... I don't know, I feel safe with him, and I like having some kinda constant (ish) minor contact.
I'm a terrible expression reader, especially with someone like him that inadvertently keeps neutral a lot of the time. I'm noticing he's, really, a lot like Tom in this regard. Time to start practising barrier-breaking again, methinks.
I'm kinda worried about how my unwillingness to date anyone is going to affect this though ('this' being whatever it is that Matt and I are, cause its definitely more than friends, but not to an enormous extent.. so I'm a little befuddled by it all.) Urgh. I feel bad now, mainly because I'm certain that I'm going to end up hurting him without meaning to, and I know for a fact I'm taking him for granted, and he's too fantastic to ever take for granted, lest he suddenly disappear and I'm left going, "...... Fuck. Not again."
But I'm cheating here, because I know he'll read this at some point. Sneaky person that he is, getting into my head via my writing. =) <3

So, I shall stop there, because this is turning into something WAY too much like a personal diary - which it is, but this is getting too personal, just at the moment. This is what talking to friends is for. :)
<3 <3 <3

Here's a Question for you though (two, actually)
1. Why do people rev their engines at 8.45 in the morning for 5 minutes straight when there's nobody to show off to? (Neighbour #1)

2. Parking, specifically parking on the street: is the curb on 'your' side of the street reserved for your and your guests, or are neighbours allowed to park there when they want without asking? (Neighbour #3)  **NB: I know that 'legally' they can, but I'm talking about general etiquette here.**

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