Tuesday, 28 April 2009


i said it on facebook, and i will say it again:
just once i wish i was able to open my wardrobe and know that what i pull out will fit and looks good....

i am sick of feeling like this.
i see my face and i smile: i like that i have blue eyes and perpetually rosy cheeks and blonde flicks around my ears.
then i look down, the feeling changes.
i am sick of feeling like this.
but it is not the feeling. i can handle the feeling.
it is what i see in the mirror.
and i wonder why i got this way
and then i remember that i'm lazy and that i eat too much crap.
and that is why i look in the mirror and see lack of tone and that almost all my clothes look horrible on me and remember that this is why i feel like crap.
this is why i feel fat.
this is why i look down from the clifftops and wonder what its like to fly.

5 mins


  1. I think we're all curious about flying but that's what planes are for!

    You sound like me. I often look in the mirror and thing, "bloody nora, is that really me?" then I go about my day and do nothing about it.

    However, I've recently bought an exercise bike and go on it for 20 mins a day. Just as a start.

    Hope you feel more positive.

    CJ xx

  2. I feel the same way about myself.