Monday, 20 April 2009

My Oxygen

falling through barriers of inhibition, into a space where only honesty and desire reside.
taken by an orange, and received with a gasp, the first, but certainly not the last of this particular moment in time.
tired of repetitive questions of reassurance, rip, gone, no turning back.
sudden inhalation and i am thrown into the world, kicking and squirming my way into conscious thought.
there is no world outside these four walls, is there? surely not, for all that is needed exists beside me.
unexpected tears from an unexpected source bring silent satisfaction from my part: all an indication that my efforts to be accepted by the most junior of the family are successful.
several places, several ways, a dispute over the brushing of lips turns into laughter and a tumble shoulder over shoulder.
alone in the same room as always before, yet seems somehow even more empty knowing that i am kept always with Him now, and not just to myself
for you are my oxygen, and i would choke without you.

1 comment:

  1. Your words have an ability to draw in the reader until the very last breath.

    I have family in Adelaide but not sure which area.

    CJ xx