Sunday, 19 April 2009

Home Again..... the summary

i return from victoria
a little heavier than before (which is weird) and a lot more scratched than before (bushes do that to you if you walk through them)
many an occurrence on the trip, though there are only a few things that really stand out....
including this extra thing brought home that i really wish i hadnt....

livvy has a cold !!!

i hate getting sick - it mucks up my entire plan for this week, especially... i'm out all week, and if im not out, i'm working on homework.

but that is the coming week.... allow me to talk about the past week, the one sepnt in a tent with someone that by the end of it drove me insane. and im sure that by some method i irritated her too, but lets face it, at least i act my age.

okay, thats bordering on bitching, which would be so so soooooo easy to do since my ideas and proprities, let alone values and maturity are WAY different than said tent partner. cest la vie.
(apologies if spelled incorrectly)

to begin, a brief summary of the week.... ok not so brief by the end, but close enough...

drove 6 hours to the grampians, camped at my stapylton camp ground (base, nth grampians)


plan: drove to base of mt william to walk up and camp at top, then walk down other side, pick up at Jimmies Creek on thursday afternoon.
what actually happened: walked 30 minutes up mt william, on the tourist's concrete walking path, not the actual one, it was FREEZING, The Knee (as will be referred to for the latter part of this since it is The Knee that was the base cause for my irritation. no, it is not my knee, it is Tent-Partner's - henceforth referred to as TP) began to play up, so we called into base to get a pick up not 400m from our start point, played cards for 1.5 hours and then drove over 2 mountain ranges. got into the next nights camp at 3 and played cards til 4, went on a walk, came back at 5.15, made dinner and went to bed at 7.30.

walked to art sites, ate lunch, played cards for 3 hours, picked up at a 4.45 and went back to base. cooked fried rice from a packet, spent most of the evening up with TP's parental camper trailer, then went to bed.

went to Brambuk Cultural centre in Halls Gap. hella interesting, i thought. TP less so, i assume by the little rushing there was down the stairs once said person realised i wanted to read ALL the info plaques odtted around the 2nd story. Hollow Mountain and another art site in the arvo, love the mountain, not so much the company by this stage, got tired of name-calling, sounded like a 12 year old yelling at a silbling. dont care. it worked. The Knee acted up again. by this point i didnt care, was still pissed off enough not to. read my book for English back at base, cooked a disasterous meal of tuna cakes and tempura sweet potato (the latter of which was perfect, the former... not so much ... since it didnt cook... thankfully all had to do was heat up the semi-prepped things and it was safe to eat :) good meal though... finally lost it and went to coordinator and begged to be put with a group that was hiking for tha last day, got put with year 9 and 10 boys, which was ok since i have friends in the yr 9's courtesy of my sister being in their year level. mucked around with the year 9's and then went to bed.

cooked brekkie :) nothing like a hot meal on a FREEZING morning :P Went into Wonderland, up to the Pinnacle and back to Halls Gap via Venus Baths. boys went swimming, i would have but that required me stripping down to my underwear and i didnt have a change of clothes or a towel. walked into the town, had a shower at the camp site, bought lunch, went back to camp, cooked BBQ for everyone, mucked around with 9's again, went to bed. almost died due to hypothermia.


packed up faster than i ever have before. drove home. took codral. here i am.

now, this is only one post, and i have about 8 things i thought about a lot over the week that i want to write about, and im not sure if i should be writing it all in one huge post or do it topic by topic. i think the second one.... so, in lieu of that, i will finish this off here with a finalreflection of the week, and then write tomorrow before i leave for the markets.

overall, the week was a fat waste of time except for the last couple of days in which stuff was actually done. the 3 things i did most this week were... sleep, sit in a vehicle, or play cards (not necessarily in that order). managed to get a sense of wonder from the paintings we saw, but am wholeheartedly pissed off that someone else's disability hindered myself and my ability to complete what i had to do. wonderland was by far the best because i was with people i could muck around with, without owrrying aobut hurt feelings, because i know theyre only joking and are boys, so it makes life so much easier than having someone talking crap the whole time, and being expected to respond to random, inconsequential comments. however, having said this, it was onlt 5 days of my life, and it was an experience i have learned from. i was taught, and a teacher, a leader and a group member, by the sheer fact that i was temporarily a 1-member group and the only girl amongst 18 boys. good times, my friends, good times.

1 hour

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