Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Seasons change, for the worse.

It's gone from summer to cold so fast it leaves me stumbling over my
welcome to winter. almost. even though its meant to be 21 today, I'm
still clad in long-everything and a jumper. its ridiculous and I'm
seriously considering moving upstate to get warmer. yes, give me The
Alice, nice an warm........
though the weather does give rise to a fond memory, repeated every so
often in winter in my household: the footy's on the telly, the fire is
burning away happily in the heater, its cold and/or raining outside
and everyone is at home. i love this memory, because it involves
relaxation and fire = warmth :D
ah, the good ol' days.
now just gotta survive the cold outside at school and I'm all set....

of which, does anyone else find it odd that, even when its freezing
cold outside, we as students have nowhere to seek refuge? the library
is only 1/2 the size it used to be, so it doesn't count since it can
only hold about 30 kids before getting desperately full :(
i vote common room, where our toes arent going to drop off.
who's with me??

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