Saturday, 25 April 2009

sleep and confusion

the unknown, the possibility of a strange, previously unknown life stretches out before me. the potential, in truth, scares me, it is a life i never wanted. not now. it makes life all too real. my cheeks flush at the thought. this room is too hot. get me out. help!

enough of that.
dwelling on possibility accomplishes nothing.

dwelling on the more important things, like upcoming deadlines, needs to take precedence.
while all else around me flies, i stand still, unable to take a step fowards until that black, then vivid colour, envelops me.


  1. I don't entirely make sense of that, but goodluck with those deadlines! ^^

  2. OOOKKK i know what u mean now~~~urm..the changing season~~all the deadlines....are making u act in a strange way~~~i believe u can work it through quite well(*^__^*)

  3. YAY~~i can post comments rite now~~!!!YAYAY