Sunday, 26 April 2009


i write today in a considerably better, more normal, mood than i did last time.
i have.....
a dress
a necklace

and am incredible pleased with this.

as a rule, i am a terrible shopper. partially because i have very little fashion sense, and i am well aware of this. partly because one shopping session turns into a day-long event. today, for example, including travel time, was about 5 hours long.
death inducing is it not?!

but then.... i got, after about an hour of being pissed off that i was there and not getting what i wanted, into the swing of it and started looking around.
and so, i am here, with a little treasure trove of sophistication.

and it is this little treasure that will take me away from my three-week-long worry and lead me into fun and drink and food and dancing, all rolled into one night.

1 comment:

  1. Aww yay (:
    I hate when I go shopping and can't find anything I like and it takes ages and I just get grumpy, particularly when I have to catch the bus home by myself.