Monday, 21 July 2008


What is a comparison?
Why do they happen?
And most importantly,
Why on earth is everything a competition?!

I ignore it as best as I can, but knowing that said person will never read this, I will say this.

No matter what the topic of conversation, it is always a competition to be the 'better' of the two of us.


I don't know. It is annoying and frustrating. To top it off, my gentle (and I mean gentle - for they get offended very easily) pushes to try and tell them that they cannot hold a conversation with me (in other words, of course) are either ignored, or missed entirely. It seems that the only way to get through is to offend. And though not hard to do, once they get defensive, I have no hope in hell of getting through.

Which brings me to my next point.

At what point in life do we find people that we get, and that get us?
or rather, more than one person.

I have two people, and Ii love him and her to death, but why do I find myself stuck in life with people that have no hope of understanding me, and I them?

I may be only sixteen, and so haven't had the chance to meet quite as many people as I will, but it is hard and on occasion, very lonely. I am hoping that as my life progresses I have the chance to meet those that I click with. The person that most others think I click with I can't because our intellectual wavelengths are so different and this is blindingly obvious once you start talking to her and me at once.

I love to debate the current issues as well as the age old debates of nature vs nurture, what would the world do without money or the realistic chances of world peace. The human mind facinates me. Writing is my lifeline when I feel lost or alone. I love hugs and kisses. I have a razor sharp sense of humour and laugh at my own jokes, even if I'm the only one in the room, for my jokes unfold as cartoons in my mind.I love the open plains, the light through a gumleaf, the way the sunbeams light up my world at 4pm in the afternoon.

Is it so wrong to want to find people that share and appreciate those things?

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